Thank you for stopping by our digital home. We are the proud publishers of Sunrise Trail Magazine, your go-to resource for exploring the vibrant communities of Nova Scotia’s north shore. Nestled in the quaint village of River John, we bring to life the rich tapestry of local culture, arts, history, and outdoor adventures through our biannual publication.

Sunrise Trail Magazine is your free guide to the must-visit spots, culinary delights, and entertainment options along the iconic Sunrise Trail. Each issue is a celebration of our community’s spirit and diversity, distributed widely across Nova Scotia. You can find our magazine in farmers’ markets, local businesses, professional offices, restaurants, retirement homes, hotels, tourism offices, real estate offices, retail stores, grocery stores, and at various community events.

Dive into the heart of Nova Scotia with every issue of Sunrise Trail Magazine. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, we promise stories and insights that inspire adventure and foster community connections.


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Our Journey with Sunrise Trail Magazine

In spring 2021, we expanded our horizons by launching Sunrise Trail Magazine. This publication was born from a desire to support and promote the vibrant businesses and scenic locales along the Sunrise Trail. Our inaugural issue debuted to great acclaim, followed by a second edition in fall 2021. Keep an eye out for our upcoming spring/summer 2024 issue, set to hit stands in May!

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